22 Funny Tip Jar Ideas

Here are 22 tips jar signs that are pretty darn funny .  You need to keep changing the message on your tip jar to keep it fresh and your guests entertained!

22 Tip Jars Sign Ideas

Standard Tip Jar

There are some well worn-out Tip Jar Phrases that I hate.  Some even cross the line.  Here are a few.

  • COLLEGE FUND. TIP WELL! (Sometimes the words are misspelled.)
  • A picture of a skull and crossbones with TIP HUGE MOTHER ******
If you have to put something on your jar, try something like the joke of the day or a funny picture, a happy face, a cartoon, or a sign saying THANKS FOR PLAYING, SEE YOU NEXT ROUND, etc. Choose a message to make them look at the jar with a smile rather than one that screams “You better tip me.” This is a gray area so experiment and find a style that suits your own individual bar and clientele.Here is a collection of pictures of real tip jars and the signs people have put on them. They are examples of how some people are trying to increase tips with signs… Keep in mind that we don’t recommend a sign, of any kind, for every type of bar or customer. Some places don’t allow tip jars of any kind. Some places have never tried it. Some places allow jars but no signs on them, some places will allow them but you have to get your sign approved… There are a ton of opinions out there about this subject. 
My point here is that I want you to start thinking about different ways of doing things. 
Just because someone has been doing something a certain way for years and years doesn’t always mean that it’s the only way to do it… or that it’s the best way. Think about the place you work and the people you serve and maybe experiment a little?
It all comes down to one question….. Will your customers tip more or less because of your choice?
1. Jump Shot Tip Bucket
Metal Tip Biucket
Make a game of it and people will want to play :)
Get a champagne bucket or a cool looking metal bucket like this, a kids Nerf basketball hoop, net and backboard and place it on your back bar where it’s totally visible. I have very good friends that worked down the block from me and they did this and everyone had a great time.
When people tip you, you say thank you, give them their tip back and ask them if they wanted to try and make the shot. People LOVED it! This works great for bills and even better for quarters, or $1 coins in Canada. My bartender friend, Geoff Menu, would always make sure the manager had an extra big supply of rolls of quarters and $1 coins. If someone would tip him big, he would sometimes give a whole roll of quarters and the person would take shot after shot.
The great things about the coins is that whether it goes in, bounces off, or doesn’t even come close… It’s going to make a pinging sound. Other people around the bar hear that, watch it, get interested in what’s happening and want to play too. When it’s slow, he would take some of the coins out of the bucket and practice making shots. If there are people around the bar, he would give them some coins and let them take a few shots. It’s addicting. The only downside is at the end of the night, you have to pick up a lot of change that didn’t make it into the bucket… but in Geoff’s experience, he’s convinced that he made more money because of the fun factor he created with this idea.
2. Funny Tip Jars
Funny is good! It’s what you’re looking for. If someone is smiling and laughing because of your tip jar, the chances are pretty good they will tip you better.
Here are 22 ideas… Look at each one and ask yourself what’s your reaction when you see it?
Amazing Tip JarAwesome Bartending Tip JarAwesome Tip Jar Awesome Vodka Tip JarBig Tip JarCool Tip Jar Idea Cool Tip Jar Cute Tip Jar Idea Clever Tip Jar Coffee Shop Tip Jar Full Tip Jar Fun Tip Jar Idea Fun Tip Jar Funny Baseball Tip Jar Good Tip Jar Idea Good Tip Jar Great Tip Jar Idea Hot Tip Jar Nice Tip Jar Original Tip JarPersonalized Tip JarSexy Tip Jar
So, there you go. Quite a wide range of possibilities to consider. Good luck and please send us your ideas and/or pictures of your tip jar and we’ll include them here. Also, tell us all about your successes and failures with the use of your tip jars, whether you have signs on them or not. We want to know what’s working and what isn’t.

 POST Your entries of your Best Tip Jar in the Comments below 


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